September 17-21

We finished Chernowitz this week!  Whoo!!  Tell me what you thought of the book.  What was your favorite part?  Be specific please.  Please write at least 4 sentences for your response. 🙂 Advertisements

September 10-14

We are well on our way to a great school year!  So far, you have made your own e-portfolio, read at least half of a book on your own, began our vocabulary unit, used technology almost every day, and read almost half of Chernowitz in class!  WOW!  Take a moment to think about the questions below: … Continue reading

First Week of School

Well, you have now been in school for 4 whole days!  In English, we have discussed many items that were probably new and maybe a little scary or intimidating.  The following are items I would like you to take a moment to think about: What does being an 8th grader mean to you?  What do … Continue reading