November 5-9

Today, we took our second vocabulary summative test.

  • How did it go?
  • What did you do differently to study for this test than the first one?

Remember, your Flowers for Algernon test is on Monday and you essays are due that day as well.  Have a great weekend! 🙂


71 thoughts on “November 5-9

  1. I still have top take it as I was gone but I feel very confident. This time around I have been using the online note cards. I feel that will help me.

  2. This vocab test seemed MUCH easyer I didnt study a whole ton though :(, however my score is sure to be at least a 3, and if not, I will probably go into shock. SO PLEASE DONT LET ME DOWN!!!

  3. I think the test went very well.. i studied alot more this time then the last one because i realized from the last test that i really need to make sure i get good grades on these tests.because their a important part of our grades.

  4. I think this test went really well.I studied really hard and make my brother quiz me and i studied for almost 2 hours.

  5. One reason to study for the test is because if you dont study you could fail like almost everybody did on the last test. I think the test went really good and it was kind of easy.

  6. The second test went a lot better than the first one. I like the new format of the test. I think I did well on the test. I studied harder and better than I did or the first one.

  7. It was WAAAAY better that the last vocab test, I’ll tell you that! I look forward to more test like these! Though I should get into a bit of a better studying habit

  8. It went very well and it was very easy! The one thing tgat i did different this time is I studied a lot and actually went over my words almost every night!!!

  9. I think it went great! I did really good than the last vocab test. I studied a lot this time and I really liked the format of the test. I hope the same format is used for the rest of the vocab tests.

  10. I don’t know how the test went, but it felt good. For one thing, I actually remembered and studied for this. I studied by going over the definitions and using them in sentences.

  11. I think i did good on the test. i really didnt do anything different from the first tests retake and i got a 3.5 on that so i think this test will also be fine.

  12. The 2 summative was much easier than the 1 summative. I think I did good. For the 1 summative I forgot to study and this time I

  13. I think the test went pretty good! I could of studied a little more but I think I did better than the last vocab summative. I studied longer than I did last time, and I also studied the Latin roots which helped me a lot better!

  14. The test was a lot easier than the other one because i knew how to prepare better. I studied the definitions on the sheets you gave us too!

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