October 29 – November 2

We are about 4 weeks away from the end of the trimester!  You have one more one-pager due this trimester and one more summative vocabulary test.  You also have a summative test on “Flowers for Algernon” coming up.  This is a lot to end a trimester with and I know all of your classes will be the same way.

  • How are you going to manage your time during these next 4 weeks in English class?
  • How are you going to manage your time outside of class?
  • Did you like “Flowers for Algernon”?  Why or why not?

Have a great weekend!! 🙂


70 thoughts on “October 29 – November 2

  1. I am doing very well managing my time in English. I am also doing well outside of class. Yes, i do like “Flowers For Algernon” because it is well told how if your dumb not to have an operation to be smart just work even harder everyday.

  2. I really like “Flowers for Algernoon”. Its very sad but also very good!
    But when are we going to finish the movie?? 😀
    Bai c:

  3. i’m going to get all my work done. im going to catch up on missing assignments. I thought flowers for algernon was very cool. i liked it because it taugh me about mental people

  4. I will manage my time by trying to work more efficiently and ask more questions when I don’t understand what we are working on. I am going to manage my time outside of class by studying a lot better and get the work done that I didn’t finish in class. I did like “Flowers for Algernon” because of how Charlie was so nice to everyone, then after the operation he realized how mean some people acted to him.

  5. I am planning on going to the office to find my schoolview account to see my grades and missing or incomplete assignments. I am trying to cach up from when I triped on the path I am just a ways away. I didn’t like “Flowers for Algernon” I don’t realy like drpressing stories it’s just not my style. I wound like to watch the end of the movie if possible though.

  6. I will manage my time by finishing all my homework and spending more time on my assignments. I will manage my time out of class by dedicating a little bit of time every day to english homework, I liked Flowers for Algernon because it showed how if you percerverre then you can achieve anything. It is to bad Algernon dies in the end.

  7. I’m going to manage my time in English differently instead of talking all hour to my friends i’m going to focus and get my work done.Outside of school i’m going to make sure I study alot and get all my homework done. I did like flowers for Algeron. I thought it was very good and had a great message!

  8. Use my time wisely during class time. I will try and finish our assignment early so that I don’t have to do them later. I thought that flowers for algernon was a pretty good book. I liked that it was a pretty good story.

  9. I will work & not talk as much , by studing and doing my work . And kinda , its a long story , but yes its good

  10. during these 4 weeks it’s been really stress full to do all this and all my other things from my other classes. I’m trying to to do one of each everyday so that i could do my 1 pager and study for my upcoming test. I really like flowers for algernon i thought that it was really intresting to read about surgery on your brain to become smart

  11. i will set time away from video games, tv and other distracting things and work hard to accomplish those things. I will not mess around in class and i will study on the topics required. i did because i always feel bad for the kids that get laughed at when they dont know why and i thought it was good that they gave charlie a chance to become smart and know things that other people couldn’t even imagine.

  12. i will use my time wisely in class. i will finish all my homework before i do something else. yes it was a very interesting book.

  13. I will try to listen close in class so i will be able to complete any assignments i didnt finish in class outside of school. I dont really like flowers for algernon because i cant really connect with any of the events that are happening.

  14. I am going to manage my time in class by using my planner and paying attention. I will also manage my time out of school by doing my homework and turning it in on time. I like flowers for algernon because it was very interesting and i wish charly and algernon didnt die from the surgerys.

  15. 1. i will manage my time by keeping on track and get as much done in class as i can to make sure im not getting behind.
    2.i will mange my time outside of class making sure to get all of my one pagers and vocabulary done and things i might not have finished in class.
    3.i thought flowers for algernon was a good book. it wasnt my favorite but i enjoyed reading it because we did a lot of analyzing and really figured out the meanings inside the book as a class.

  16. I am going to mange my time by not talking a lot and trying to get all my work done during class.

    Outside of class I am going to get all my homework done every night, and turn all assignments in on time.

    No I did not like flowers if Algernon because it was kind of boring and there was a packet we had to do and a lot of writing. And there is going to be a big test, and the essay looks hard.

  17. I will focus on turning in anything that is late, and making sure that everything that is due gets turned in. I will focus on turning my late work in. I enjoyed flowers for Algernon because it was interesting and it kept me engaged

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