October 1-5

You’ve made it through a month of school!!  Yay!!  We took our first vocabulary test today.  How do you think it went?  

  • If you think it went well, what did you do to study?  How did it help?
  • If you think it didn’t go well, why not?  What will you do to study in the future?

Have a great weekend and stay warm!! 🙂


63 thoughts on “October 1-5

  1. I think that the vocab test was hard. It didn’t go well because I didn’t have enough time to study.

  2. I think that the vocab quiz was hard. I studied and still had a super hard time. I studied all the words the test was still super hard.

  3. i think the test was hard because i forgot there was a test! so i need to write things down when there is a test so i know! I did horrible on the test.

  4. i think the vocan test went bad for me becasue i didnt study and had to guess most of the questions. next time i will study harder and earlier.

  5. I don’t think it went well. Even though I did the weekly moodle tests…with the reading and the biography project, and my other homework from other classes, I didn’t have a lot of time to study.

  6. i think it was a hard test but i think i did well on it. To study i made flash cards an studied those i also reviewed the review homework sheet. i think it helped me remember and memorize the roots and how they where used in some examples.

  7. I took the test today because I missed school on Friday. It went horrible. I didn’t study and I’m pretty sure I did horrible.

  8. I think the test went okay , it was soo hard if you did not study . Which i did not study . I will take time at home and study way more.

  9. I dont think it whent well because i studied a little bit and the words were really hard to figure out. I think next time i should studdy with a partner and help eachother out with the words.

  10. I don’t think the vocab test went that well. I didn’t study hard enough i guess. Study harder and longer.

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