September 24-28

You should be reading your second book by now or finishing your first book, depending on how long your first book is.  If you are on your second book, are you enjoying your choice?  Why or why not?  If you are still on your first book, is the plot getting better?  Please include the title of the book and the author.

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88 thoughts on “September 24-28

  1. I am reading the hunger games 1st book by Suzanne Collins. It is very exciting and i’m looking forward to finishing it.

  2. I am reading MockingJay by Suzanne Collins, I think it is very good and it just gets more and more exciting.

  3. I am still on my first bookwhich is Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Yes it is getting better because there is more suspense andit hasmore action as the book goes along.

  4. I am enjoying my book of choice, Against All enemies by Tom Clancy. It is action packed and has some suspense. I am already on the 300 page point it is awesome.

  5. I am enjoying my second book, Giving Up the Ghost. it’s my second book and I really like it. The author is Eric Nuzum.

  6. I don’t realy like my book but I just started to get into it its more than 300 pages long so im in the middle. I had to choise a book thet was in a high lexile level and people in college dont like fanticy apparently. I just hope i have more time my next book to find one in my perfered gonra of books.

  7. The second book that my reading is called the Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis by Barbara O.Conner I picked this book because my friend said it was good and I did enjoying this book, I really like it.

  8. I am enjoying reading my second book it is really good and i really like it. i like it because it is very interesting and i like how it is book is called ” the babysitter murders” by janet ruth young.

  9. The plot is getting better. I am happy about my choice.
    The Bible by… I don’t know… God?

  10. I am really enjoying my second book. It is the hunger games catching fire. The author is Suzanne Collins. I really like the big twist when the victors have to go back into the arena.

  11. i like my book of choice because i like the way the story is and whats its not on my frist book still. James Patterson

  12. I guess I liked Mrs.Frisby and the rats of nimh, I did like the movie a whole lot when I was a little girl! Infact its still my favorite movie today! Though I do not feel any more compeld to read than I did when I started the book.

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