September 10-14

We are well on our way to a great school year!  So far, you have made your own e-portfolio, read at least half of a book on your own, began our vocabulary unit, used technology almost every day, and read almost half of Chernowitz in class!  WOW!  Take a moment to think about the questions below:

  1. How are you feeling about the work level of English?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Are you comfortable with the work level?  Explain.
  2. How are you liking Chernowitz so far?  Do you like that we are just reading it or would you prefer to have a study guide?  Explain.

Please be sure to respond to each of the questions above in as much detail as possible.  Your responses help make our class better!


80 thoughts on “September 10-14

  1. I feel good about the work level. No i don’t feel overwelmed. i think it will be hard but i will have it under control

  2. 1. I am not overwhelmed I think that the level we are working on I am very comfortable.
    2. I love chenowitz ! and i like that we are reading it.

  3. I am feeling that the work level in English is just a little bit harder than last year. I don’t feel overwhelmed but it is a little bit harder to keep up.

    So far i am liking Chernowitz so far because i find it very interesting. I like that we are just reading it and don’t have a study guide because then it’s one less thing for me to have to keep track of.

  4. I think that there is a lot to do in this years English. A lot of on-line requirements and I don’t always have access to the internet with staying at 2 different homes during each week. All of the books to read in such a short time — 2 weeks. That is a lot to do, plus all of the other homework from the other classes. I think I am just feeling frustrated with what all there is to do each week. I like the Chernowitz book, but a study guide would also be helpful, since we are reading other books, too.

  5. I think the work level in English is very good. I like Chernowitz, it is a better book than I thought it would be. I am very glad we are not doing a packet because they can be a lot of work sometimes.

  6. I think the work level is good, because this year i have completed 2 books. I like Chernowitz because it is a very interesting book. i like reading it because it is fun reading this book in class.

  7. i like the work level so far. im not overwhelmed.because i think the work level is easy enough.I like chernowitz and i do not want a study guide i just like reading the book.

  8. Its how I expected it to be this year for the amount of homework. Its not to overwelming. Its perfectly good.
    Chernowitz is a Good book so far. I liked it when you read it on the tape.

  9. English is just fine nothing to hard yet. Chernowitz is a great read, I’m just lovin it. It’s was better then some study guide. I hope we will be able to do more fun stuff in english ^_^!

  10. I’m perfectly fine with the reading level. Thanks for asking btw. and I am fed up with books about bulling! Ya I know its bad, but I dont get bullied! I dont bully! I dont care.

  11. So far, the work level seem easy but I bet it will get harder in the future. I like the book and enjoyed reading it. I like reading more a study guide.

  12. The work level in English is good . Its not to hard or to easy . I dont feel overwhelmed at all . The work level is very easy . Like we always have time in class to do our homework . i like the book better and not the study guide .

  13. im really liking chernowitz.I like that we are reading in class instead of having a studie guide. Studie guides are not that fun to work on at all.

    • I Also think the work level in english was fine not hard at all.I dont like the e porfolio that much but i will have to figure it out sooner or later

  14. How i feel about the work level is that its not that bad and no i dont feel over whelmed. Yes I’m comfortable with the work level because its not too much and its not too little.
    I Like Chernowitz . I like that we are just reading it because Its interesting .

  15. I feel good about the work level in english because its not to hard or to easy. I do not feel overwhelmed. Yes i am because its interesting yet fun at the same time. I like chernowitz a lot its a really good book. I am glad we are just reading it because it seems more interesting.

  16. 1. I Feel Good About The Work Level . Im Stell getting Used ToThe Work Level . Yes At the Beginning I was Overwelmed But Not Nomore .
    2. Im loving it; it Is Really Good . I Would Just Like To Read Because I Think Its Move Funner And Anyways Who Would Want to take A Test On it . But Then Again Taking A Test Tell you if That Student paid Attention Or Not . (: kay Well Buh Bye ❤

  17. #1. The work level in reading is good and understandable. I really like it, i don’t think it is to hard or anything.

    #2. I really like chernowitz, it is a great book. I think we would need a study guide if we would have a test anytime.

  18. The work level in English is at a good standard. I am not overwhelmed, but sometimes it is hard to read 25 pages a night if you are busy. I am really liking Chernowitz! It is a good lesson for kids that bully, because it can get kind of crazy, and get personal. I would prefer just reading the book because then you can enjoy the book more and not have to worry about doing the study guide.

  19. The work level is fine. I’m not overwhelmed. I’m comfortable with the work level. I’m not very comfortable with the e portfolio. But I’ll figure it out.

    It is a great book. I don’t think we need a study guide.

  20. 1. I feel that the work level is good and I like it. I do not feel overwhelmed and I am comfortable with the work level because it is easy to me.
    2. I like chernowitz so far and I like it that we’re reading it without a study guide because I don’t like study guides.

  21. 1.) I think that the work level in english is just right. I don’t think that we’re having to do too much work, and at the same time I don’t think we’re doing too little. This is also a god amount because I have sports after school and this is an amount that I can work with.

    2.) I really like chernowitz so far, it is a reallg good book. I would much rather read the book than have to do a study guide because the book is a lot more fun and easier to follow along to.

  22. I felt that the work level is fine but for others their work level is different depending on their lexile range. It wasnt the fact that it was overwhelming it was just in my eyes a but unrealistic for the speed of my reading. I dont exactly love the book yet it takes some time for me to see if I enjoy reading the book and the story. I think in this situation its a good thing that we dont have a study guide to fill out because it seems to me that we should have the ability to take the book home if we need to fill out a study guide.

  23. I feel just fine about the level of english. I don’t think it to hard. I feel pretty comfortable with the work level but i just don’t like to keep track of the books i read because i often reread them.
    I like chernowitz so far, I’m glad we are just reading it instead of doing a study guide because you would focus on the study guide more and not the book.

  24. 1) the level in enlgish is perfect. it is not to hard and not to easy. i dont feel overwhelmed. and i am comfortable with the work.
    2) i like chernowitz i think it is a good book. i dont want a study sheet becasue i think it would be hard trying to fill in the questions while reading.

  25. I think the work level of English is on a good level. I am not feeling overwhelmed. I am very comfortable with the work level mostly because we get so much time in class to do things (which i love). I am liking Chernowitz a lot! I like that we are reading it because study guides are too much of a hassel!

  26. The work level is hard. I’m not overwelmed but I’m a little worried about reading so many books so quickly. I like the book Chernowit because it very interesting to me. I like read but would still want a study guide.

  27. 1. I feel fine about the work level. Not really. Yes, it is fine!
    2.Yes, it is a good book. I like study guides as long as I don’t have to fill it out because I get lazy!

  28. the work level in english is just fine, not that hard but not to easy. i am very comfortable with the work level. the book is fine so far. i actually hate study guides so i am so happy that i only have to read the book. it is a lot easier on me.

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