November 5-9

Today, we took our second vocabulary summative test. How did it go? What did you do differently to study for this test than the first one? Remember, your Flowers for Algernon test is on Monday and you essays are due that day as well. ¬†Have a great weekend! ūüôā Advertisements

October 29 – November 2

We are about 4 weeks away from the end of the trimester! ¬†You have one more one-pager due this trimester and one more summative vocabulary test. ¬†You also have a summative test on “Flowers for Algernon” coming up. ¬†This is a lot to end a trimester with and I know all of your classes will … Continue reading

October 15-17

Happy MEA Weekend!!! ¬†You have now had conferences, made goals for the rest of the trimester, and have completed 4 one-pagers. So far, what is your favorite part about English class? What do you wish you didn’t have to do in English? If you could choose one book to read as a class, what would … Continue reading

October 8-12

You just received your mid-tri grades. ¬†Based on your English grade, write at least 4 steps you need to take to improve your grade. ¬†These steps should not be vague. ¬†Make sure your steps are specific and achievable. Have a great long weekend and remember to do your vocab quiz on Moodle!! ūüôā

October 1-5

You’ve made it through a month of school!! ¬†Yay!! ¬†We took our first vocabulary test today. ¬†How do you think it went? ¬† If you think it went well, what did you do to study? ¬†How did it help? If you think it didn’t go well, why not? ¬†What will you do to study in … Continue reading

September 24-28

You should be reading your second book by now or finishing your first book, depending on how long your first book is. ¬†If you are on your second book, are you enjoying your choice? ¬†Why or why not? ¬†If you are still on your first book, is the plot getting better? ¬†Please include the title … Continue reading